Watch the 1 Peter videos

Start to explore the message of 1 Peter. In these resource videos, watch Professor Jenn Strawbridge give an overview of the book and introduce some of the main themes. Hear from participants in the St Augustine Seminar share what inspires and challenges them about each chapter.

The commentary and videos on 1 Peter were written before the conference was rescheduled, due to the pandemic. Ongoing work will be undertaken for the Bible Study materials that will be used when the in-person conference meets, to reflect world events.

The Archbishop of Canterbury shares his excitement about the book of 1 Peter

An overview of 1 Peter

Reflections on Chapter 1

Reflections on Chapter 2

Reflections on Chapter 3

Reflections on Chapter 4

Reflections on Chapter 5

Dealing with difficult themes (1)

Dealing with difficult themes (2)